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Have a Question?

You might not be the only one! Here are some frequently asked questions from clients like you. If you have any other questions that we haven’t addressed, feel free to contact us!

Moving FAQ

What is the most common type of move?

Our most popular type of move is local residential moving within London. A-Zip also offers all kinds of moving, including commercial and long-distance.

Can you move to/from an apartment building?

Absolutely! A-Zip is well-equipped to navigate the added challenges of moving into/out of apartments. A-Zip recommends arranging for an elevator with your building supervisor approximately one week before moving.

Where can I move to with A-Zip?

A-Zip will move you anywhere within Ontario! Whether your move is short-distance within the city of London or long-distance elsewhere in the province, A-Zip has got you covered.

How early should I book my moving services?

The earlier you are able to make arrangements for moving the better. Request a quote early and confirm your service approximately 1 month before your moving date.

Packing FAQ

What are your packing services?

A-Zip offers packing, unpacking, and packing supplies. Each service may be requested individually, or along with other moving services.

Do packing services include moving supplies?

Yes! If you choose to book your packing services with A-Zip, we will include moving supplies in your estimate.

What packing supplies do you offer?

A-Zip offers a wide range of moving supplies including boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, tape, and much more. Contact Us to learn more.

How is packing calculated?

Packing services are calculated by the hour, the same as moving services. Packing services are also subject to a minimum of 5.5 hours.

Can I just get packing services, or do I need to purchase moving services as well?

Packing and unpacking services may be purchased individually, or added to other moving services. Customize your moving experience to fit your needs!

What can you pack?

What we pack is up to you! If you would like, we can pack your entire home. But if you just need help with a couple of rooms or just a few delicate items, A-Zip will take care of whatever you require.

Cost of Moving FAQ

How is the cost of moving calculated?

The cost of local moving is calculated at an hourly rate based on your move’s unique needs and time requirements. Long-distance moving within Ontario is calculated with a guaranteed flat rate. All prices are subject to tax.

Is there a minimum?

There is a 5.5 hour minimum for packing and moving services.

Do I need to make a deposit?

No deposit is needed to reserve your space. We ask that you try to book your moving services as early as possible.

Do you offer payment plans?

At this time, A-Zip is not offering payment plans for residential moving. All payments for residenital moving services are expected on the day of the move. For commercial moves, A-Zip offers 30-day terms for payment.

How much will my move cost?

Moving estimates are based on a number of unique factors such as time, distance, and equipment used. Moving costs are calculated by the hour for local moves and as a flat rate for long-distance within Ontario. For your own personalized estimate, fill out our Request a Quote form.