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Moving From London To Toronto

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Movers London, Ontario to Toronto

Moving from London, Ontario to Toronto isn't necessarily expensive when using the best moving company in London, Ontario.

Our caring (we really do), professional (we really are), and pleasant movers (we really smile) are the reason for our multiple 5-Star London Movers Reviews for all kinds of moves, including people's affordable moves from London, ON to Toronto.

Growing up anywhere in Ontario, it is natural that you may want to move away from your hometown. It's lovely to move to a big and busy city like Toronto because of its many world-class attractions, diversity of people, numerous employment opportunities, and lifestyle choices.

A long-distance moving company in London, Ontario, A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc, has been part of London's history as the best and one of the oldest moving companies. It began in 1949, when A-Zip's founder, Lorne Gives, returned from WW2 and started his package delivery service for Eatons Department Store.

No time to pack? A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc can take care of packing for you; we offer packing services for your move.

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Movers Toronto to London, Ontario

The best mover for Toronto to London, Ontario is one that: loves London (we really do), cares about your move (we really get it), is always professional (we really are), and has kind movers (we really are considerate.)

Use A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc for all of your moves: your university move, an inexpensive Toronto to London move, a commercial or office move, a senior move, or when you need a careful and experienced mover.

London is a mid-sized city with many fun attractions.

Moving from Toronto to London is perfect for anyone wanting:

  • To save money while attending a top-rated, world-class major university or college.To save money while attending a top-rated, world-class major university or college.
  • A larger home or apartment for less money.
  • An easy-going-city lifestyle.
  • A smaller-city-feel with only a slightly lesser range of top-tier medical facilities within three major hospitals.
  • Plenty of 5-star retirement residences.
  • Lots of fun, well-attended summer festivals.
  • To live in a city with the world's oldest baseball diamond, Labatt Memorial Baseball Park, opened in 1877 in London, Ontario.
  • A pleasant walk downtown to support The London Knights in the largest hockey arena in Western Ontario, The Budweiser Gardens.
  • The beauty of the Thames River right in the heart of a city.
  • Easy access to more Great Lakes; Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario.
  • A fun and always growing list of entertainment attractions without the long line-ups.
  • Fantastic and diverse restaurants.
  • Slower and less congested traffic while also within an hour or two of ten major Ontario cities.
  • A less hectic city that still provides convenient access to the 401, 402, 403, and the US border.
  • A city surrounded by nearby Southwestern farmland, nature, and provincial parks.
  • A smaller city that also welcomes and promotes diversities and tolerance.
Delivering Boxes

Delivery, Freight, & Cartage Services - London, Ontario to Toronto or from Toronto to London, Ontario

Look no further than A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc for affordable pickup and delivery service to London, Ontario, and pickup and delivery service from London, Ontario to Toronto. We also do Same Day Courier London, Ontario, continuing our founder's 1949 roots of his Eatons Department Store delivery service.

Office Moving

Office, Business, and Commercial Movers - London, Ontario to Toronto, or from Toronto to London, Ontario

Experienced office movers easily handle a small or large office move from Toronto to London, Ontario. A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc has 5-star reviews for office moves. Our goal is to provide positive results for every move. We are also experienced and ready for your company's freight moves within Ontario.

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Is it better to move yourself from London, Ontario to Toronto, or use a mover?

It's a passage of adulthood to take on at least one of your moves yourself in your lifetime. Read our article, 'The Cost to Move Yourself vs a Moving Company.' It is always less expensive to move yourself, but more and more, you may find your life is too busy to achieve that badge. The Best Moving Company is here in London, Ontario.

A-Zip has a long history of every kind of move, since 1949. We provide quality residential, affordable moves from London, Ontario to Toronto, moves from Toronto to London, Ontario, and moves anywhere in Ontario.

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