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Moving Services London Ontario

London’s oldest full service moving company, A-Zip Moving & Cartage offer home and office moving, packing assistance, delivery & cartage services whether you’re moving within London, Ontario or a long distance move anywhere else in Ontario. We proudly provide Senior Moving for you or a family member.

How Much do Movers Cost in Ontario?

If your move is local in London, it will cost less than a longer-distance move. Typically movers charge between $100 - $250 an hour, depending on the type of move it is, whether home or commercial and how many staff members are required. A-Zip safely moves all of your specialty items.

How Much Should a Moving Service Cost?

The total average cost of moving is a wide range, between $300 - $1,500. The extent and the type of move, whether residential or commercial, the services required, the distance traveled and the number of staff needed can increase your cost to more than $5,000. A-Zip provides competitive pricing for all your moving needs.

How much do Packing and Moving Services Cost?

If you require packing services, A-Zip is happy to help. Please provide an amount of lead time for this personal, full service task. Packing services are charged by the hour, an average of $25 - $40 an hour depending on the number of staff members required. A total cost of $300 - $2,000 should be expected depending on the size of the job.

How Much Does it Cost to Relocate a House in Ontario?

The cost of moving a whole house depends on the amount of belongings and the time required for the move. Small moves within London will cost less than long distance moves that require more travel time:

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A-Zip Moving Services London, ON

We offer an extensive range of services that we have spent 72 years perfecting. Try all of them for a full-service experience, or choose what you need the most! Let us help you with whatever you need, from packing fragile glassware to carrying that heavy couch up two flights of stairs.

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