When Moving Plans Fall Apart- It Doesn’t Have to be a Bad Omen.

Thoughts about the place we currently live, finger-crossed hopes for the place we’re moving to, and the processes leading up to the move are full of emotional symbolism for everyone. A last-minute move can worry us; when moving plans fall apart, we can feel like it’s a bad omen.


And, that ingrained symbolism, from the initial reason for the move to accidentally leaving your kid’s favourite something behind afterward, can subconsciously taint our future thoughts for our new home. 

Things happen for a reason. Things don’t happen for any penalizing reason, but we’ve grown up in a world with ideas that sometimes suggest otherwise. Yes, decisive changes we’ve brought forward sometimes result in unfortunate outcomes that make us come full circle to the related symbolism around a move. 

Damaged emotions from a heart-wrenching separation, an age-related move, our pain of selling a beloved home, having to leave behind a meaningful item, or carrying the associated sadness of a lost job require repair in the form of significant, shiny hopes of our next move.


Just google the words stress and moving, and you will see how the understandable pressure of your move can be easily heightened. Packing, downsizing, moving far, far away from your support system, the anxiety of a new job at the new address, all your move-related responsibility is deeply multiplied by, well, anything: 


  • Sudden bad weather 
  • Unavoidable sickness 
  • Move-related arguments with your family
  • Non-move-related arguments with your family
  • Cantankerous movers


Are you looking for a non-cantankerous last-minute mover in London, ON?


We Can be Heroes Just For One Day neon sign- A-Zip Moving & Cartage


To get it out of the way early, since you’ve maybe stumbled upon this article for the reason that rhymes with “last limit louvres,” A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc. knows that they are mystically and partially responsible for your happiness (at least on your moving day). They know that you may be perched on a thin emotional wire with a lot riding on the subtleties of this move.

With understanding and pleasantness, we will always do our best to accommodate your moving wishes, even a last-minute move. 



Read our ridiculously happy-people Google reviews.

Happy is a person who has lived in the same home for 25 years and does not need to move every three years. Or so we think. The truth is, for each forever-one-housed happy person, there are most likely four who wish that they had moved: to a smaller place with less work, to a location with more activity, to one closer to the water, or one that is closer to family or friends.

Moving is healthy. Thousands of years ago, we were just another group of animals moving to a better place of food and safety. 

And if you’re one of the happily ever after people reading this, you know you’ve put in a lot of work. You’ve switched things up to keep your happiness current and engaging, and that’s the healthy part; deciding to make a change to induce a better life, either in the same place or a new and hopeful one. Good for you.


(Please add your review if you have used our moving services and you have time. We work hard to provide you with the best service throughout your move of any kind, whether it’s a long-distance move, an office move, help to move a senior in your life, or moving overly large packages and cartage.


People try to push down their underlying panic behind a move, focusing instead on the packing and actual moving.

Why else does our move-related panic focus on the packing or the actual move when so much else is woven behind the packing?

Sometimes, with so much responsibility on the back end of a move, we find that a move falls apart, especially if we try it alone. 

We should know upfront that a move is a big thing that, by its very nature, causes anxiety. So it’s normal, in turn, to feel anxious. Even though we’ve never let ourselves down before and are known throughout the land for our ability to get it all done, unfortunate things will happen that throw off our organizing nature. Chaos can easily manifest with one extra bit of responsibility thrown at our well-organized feet. 

You can wholly reduce stress just by starting the process early. Do anything that you can of a physical nature. 


Starting any part of packing will relax you and tell your brain, your moving plans are not falling apart.

If things have indeed fallen apart, and this is an intense, last-minute move, and you don’t have time to pack, we’ll do it for you as best we can within the time provided (packing fees apply). 

A-Zip has tested and compiled some time-relevant moving tips and a checklist that may help you or someone else. See our Packing and Unpacking Services page.


Call us, A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc., at (519) 659 6672; we’re just a team of pleasant humans who happen to take great pride and delight in helping people move. 



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