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Tips For Organizing a Move – For The Unorganized

Some of us breeze through life, organized with gold stars to prove it. Others see the need to organize as restraining or find organizing their lifestyle difficult. As trustworthy movers in London, Ontario, we offer you the essential way to organize for a move and the things you can ignore.  


Follow our three simple tips, and you’ll feel good, and keep your move from happening at the last minute. 


These tips are for anyone, unorganized or not, who doesn’t have a lot of time to pack. If you look online, you can find websites that suggest that you download helpful moving apps, create your own little moving book, print off checklists, and plan, plan, plan. 

But we know that’s not your thing. Your thing is to have one imaginary box in a corner where your thoughts about your inevitable move reside, the lid closed tight. 

By doing a small thing at a time, you’ll get it done. The boxes may not have gold stars on them, but your mover will get them in the truck, which is what matters.



You only need to do three things over the course of four weeks.

1) Call a mover at least 3 – 4 weeks before your move day.

Look online, read reviews, or ask friends or family for moving company ideas. If you feel you may not have time to pack or need help packing, A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc. is here for you. We can even help you unpack.



2) Order 20 – 30 boxes, depending on the number of things you’re moving. 

What if we tell you it’s ok to just toss things willy-nilly into boxes? 

It’s easiest to find boxes at a big-box hardware/building supply store. Order the boxes, a black marker, and for the adventurous, a roll of white or yellow duct tape. 

  • Pick them up yourself, ask a friend, or have them delivered (ask the big box store what delivery company they recommend)
  • Put your flat-packed boxes together and set two or three in each room. Seeing them there every day is the perfect way to make sure you put things in them.
  • If you like, tear two lengths of duct tape; stick one to the top and one to the side of a box and write the room’s name on them for easy unpacking.
  • It’s good to ask your kids for help; suggest they organize their things in their boxes. Don’t worry if they are slow packers. 
  • Throw things you no longer wish to keep in the corner. Put them at the curb with a FREE sign. What isn’t readily taken should go into garbage bags for garbage day or taken to Habitat for Humanity’s Restore.



3) Ask a friend or relative to help you clean your place.

You should always leave your old place as clean as you would like to find your new home. And that’s where friends and family may come in if you require help. 

  • Clean the oven and fridge a few days prior to your move.
  • Stack your boxes in the corner of a room and vacuum and wash surfaces around them.


Visit our moving tips page, or download our thorough A-Zip Moving Checklist before your move.


Have questions? Visit our FAQ page.


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