Tips For Moving in The Winter to Save Money and Your Sanity

As much as we love Ontario and our dynamic, gorgeous seasons, winter often poses last-minute moving challenges. Be sure to clear snow and ice and organize ahead to prepare for your house or apartment move. Our tips will save you time and money and make for a better moving day. For everyone.

After decades of local moves and long-distance moves for Londoners, we understand winter has its own definition of a perfect day. A-Zip Moving & Cartage cares about everyone we move and will do our best to work with you any time of the year.


Do you need a checkable moving list? A-Zip Movers has a great 8-week-plan moving checklist here. 



1. Keep tabs on the weather.

You can view a 14-day forecast, even a MONTH forecast. If it looks like a snowstorm is headed your way, consider rescheduling. Moving and driving in dangerous weather scenarios is never worth risking everyone’s physical safety, and moving companies often have fewer moves during the winter so rescheduling may work.



2. Shovel the snow. Wet floors are dangerous.

It is hazardous for movers lifting heavy furniture to deal with slippery floors. Chunks of snow become slippery ponds on your flooring, which can cause dangerous slips and falls. 

Did you know slip and fall lawsuits are on the rise? Homeowners have a legal responsibility to keep safe, everyone coming to their homes. According to Injury Lawyers of Ontario, whether it is the mail person, a delivery person, or a mover carrying awkward furniture, if they slip and fall, you can be sued. 


  • Snowblow or shovel sidewalks, steps, and driveways at least a few hours before the moving crew are due. 
  • After shovelling, spread salt onto ice well ahead of time (2 hours) to give it time to permeate the thick surface.
  • Re-shovel again to remove the ice, and so that the movers don’t bring salt into your home. 
  • A thick mat at the entry provides a way to wipe boots, so indoor paths are as dry as possible to prevent slips, and scratches on floors from the salt.



3. Shovel the driveway, steps, and walkway at the new home before the movers arrive.

Put the shovel and salt in the trunk and head over to prepare the new home for your movers. If you have extra people to help you, it would be great for someone to help out by removing snow and ice at your destination home, and everyone will be thankful. 



4. Turn the thermostat way down.

Wear a coat or sweater because your final heating bill will be through the roof on moving day if you don’t turn down the heat. The door will be mostly open, so lock the doggies and kitties into a room that has just been emptied. And don’t forget them when you go.

Set up a space heater in the kitchen or bathroom. It will provide a place for you and the movers to feel warmth for a moment.



5. Make sure your car is get-away ready.

Moving day is not the day you want to hold up everyone while you stop to get gas. Top up the gas tank before moving day. Take your vehicle to your mechanic a week before to check the wiper fluid (check the oil while you’re there) and your tires, especially for a long-distance move.



6. Hire sitters for pets and kids.

Moving day is weird and scary for pets (and kids), so let them hang out with the babysitter. If they are with you during the move, let them know you’re thinking of them; for pets, water and food in an unused room while the movers are packing, and for children, a room with snacks and a tv (even if the tv is off the wall, it can still be plugged in until the last minute).

It may be better for everyone if your children can be with someone else during the move. If it’s a long-distance move, it can’t hurt to have extra socks and mitts just in case of a winter wallop of weather. 



7. Protect houseplants and garden plants.

Keep your houseplants (and garden plants) in a room covered or protected with plastic. Put them on the truck last and take them in first. Read more about moving with your plants here, How to Move With Houseplants in The Winter.


All Canadians are used to allowing a little more time for a wintertime move, but using an experienced moving team helps. Contact Terry at A-Zip Moving & Cartage online or call (519) 659 6672.


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