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The Cost to Move By Yourself Versus a Moving Company?

Is it Better to Move Yourself Versus Using a London Ontario Mover? Plus, A Great Movie, Song, and Book about Moving While You’re Packing

It is always less expensive for you to do your own moving. But is it better to move yourself or use movers? I think you know the answer to that one. I have put together a list of highly obvious pros and cons with a fun movie, book to watch while you’re packing.


So, what is life all about if you don’t have a couple of good moving disaster stories to remember and share with your future kids?

It’s a right of passage to move your own stuff at least once in your lifetime. After that, it sort of loses its appeal, whatever perceived appeal, if any, there is.

I guess it’s a combination of adventure combined with a wind of some sort blowing through your hair, the freedom to do it on your own and on your own timeline.

Thirty-five years ago, I wish I had taken a photo of my kitchen table, chairs, and boxes of my belongings securely tied by older brother, Shane, to the top of my little Mitsubishi Colt. I had many honks as I buffeted down the 401 from London to Magog, Quebec, where I had the best year-long adventure of my young life in a stunningly beautiful locale. Those things all came back on the same postage-sized roof. And, it was not as much fun retying everything by myself for the trip home.


The Pros and Cons of Moving it all Yourself:

Usually, these move it yourself decisions are more easily made when you have not yet accrued a decade of life-accoutrements. Plus, it can be really enjoyable.


  • Costs less than hiring a mover
  • You have control of moving the items
  • It is usually a fun day with great friends, and yes, they are great friends with memories to be made



  • It is much work
  • You may damage the interior of your vehicle
  • The cost of a rental vehicle will include additional charges for the distance travelled, and gas.
  • It will likely take longer
  • You will have to ask friends and family to help you move


The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Mover. For Those of Us Who Know Better:


  • It is less work for you
  • There is little chance of bad back or physical ailment taking place during the move
  • You don’t need to ask for friends and family’s help
  • The moving company does the heavy lifting
  • The movers insure your belongings
  • A Zip Moving & Cartage Inc can even pack your belongings for the busy you
  • They will also place your labelled boxes and furniture in the rooms you like



  • They work during regular work hours during weekdays and not at night
  • It costs more to have a company move your things


A Memorable Movie, Music and Book about Moving While You Pack:

Blog post about Moving – 6 Great Things about Moving to a New Place


The Movie about Moving -Toy Story 4: If you haven’t seen this installment, it is one of the best endings to a movie franchise that’s ever been made. It revolves around the idea of a family moving and deciding which things to leave and which to keep. But it really so much more. Pack before you watch this one.

Characters from Toy Story watching a boy move away from home


The Music about Moving – The Dixie Chicks – Wide Open Spaces / YouTube

Book for Kids about Moving – The Berenstain Bears Moving Day: A classic for kids.

Berenstain Bear Book Cover about Moving

Book for Adults about Moving – This is Where you Belong: The Art and Science of Loving the Place you Live by Melody Warnick This book examines the science behind place attachment and what draws some of us to stay and some of us to move. See her book guide here

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The Assurance of Bonded Movers:

72 years of experience has taught A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc a lot about being a good employer as well as providing excellent customer service and outstanding moving services.

A-Zip has a family of employees; people who have worked with the company for a long time.

To assure their clients, their employees are also bonded, which is a form of commercial insurance purchased through a third-party insurance company.

Bonding encourages customer confidence about any and all potential disruptions regarding unforeseen damage or employee matters concerning your belongings.


Leaving a review is also a helpful thing for a company:

I have come across something online while putting together this blog post; it is customary, if your budget allows, to tip the men and women who are slugging your belongings for you. I must say, I had not personally considered this, but since seeing evidence of appreciative people doing just this, I will keep a few 20s on me to give to each of them for my next move.

Even having snacks available for them makes their day a bit more pleasant. Let’s face it, these positions are gruelling ones, and it is mainly for this reason that we have hired them.

Scroll to the bottom of their Home page to see A-Zip’s reviews from their many satisfied clients.

Email your valuable review here, or add it to A-Zip’s Googled page here. We will make sure it is included on their site. Thank you very much for taking the time to provide your review.



Get Personal & Business, Moving & Packing Services from Professional Movers you can Trust

A-Zip Moving & Cartage started in 1949 as founder, Lorne Gives, small parcel delivery service for London’s Eaton’s Department Store. His idea grew to become one of London’s most trustworthy moving businesses, now run by his grandson, Terry Joyes.

A-Zip is a registered member of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). This means their employees are provided benefits and are protected in case they are injured on the job. A company is provided safety training which instills a greater sense of trust for the client.

It never hurts to have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) review of A+.


If you need the best moving check list you’ll ever find, it is here, compiled by people who have been through many years of packing and organizing.



Call A-Zip Moving & Cartage at (519) 659 6672 for a moving day you won’t remember for all the right reasons.

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