One of The Oldest Moving Companies of London Ontario

A Zip Moving & Cartage Inc is one of the oldest Moving Companies in London Ontario. They can trace their London, Ontario, origins back to the black-and-white era of the late 1940s. A-Zip started its London moving company 72 years ago after the 2nd World War. Terry’s grandfather, Lorne Gives (rhymes with drives), and hundreds of other young men were recruited between 1939 and 1946 at London’s Wolseley Barracks to serve in the 2nd World War in Europe.


We’ve come a long way from the removalists of hundreds of years ago, a hard-working and meagrely rewarded bunch.

Heaping peoples’ belongings into wagons pulled by equally hard-working horses were replaced by open-backed moving trucks by the 1900s.


One of the oldest moving companies in London aligned itself with one of the oldest department stores in London.

After returning from the war, Lorne Gives approached the Hudson’s Department Store with his idea; a delivery business for the many parcels purchased by London residents returning to work after the war.

  • It was a mostly low-stress job that he could quickly settle into, and it provided a stable income for his wife and children while he worked to set up his moving business.
  • In 1949 he named his company A-Zip; he knew anything starting with the letter ‘A’ would appear on page one of the telephone books.
  • His parcel delivery service was successful, allowing him to cross-advertise by serving the same clients with their house moves. By the ’60s, he also included the mega Eaton’s Department Store as a parcel delivery client.

“Although he came back alive, he likely suffered tremendously from PTSD.  My grandfather said very little to anyone. I know he was a functioning alcoholic all his life, likely a form of self-medication, and I’d have to describe my grandfather as sometimes unkind toward us. Of course, I was young and none of us could know what he must have endured during the war. So, it was an irony that, although I felt distanced from him, I would eventually take over his business.” 

  • As a child, Terry recalls helping sort the Hudson’s and Eaton’s parcels alongside his mom and uncles in his grandfather’s garage. However, Terry had no further connection as his grandfather’s moving business grew.
  • Instead, he kept two jobs at once; stocking shelves for Dominion Grocery and driving forklifts for Cuddy Food Products.
  • In 1987, Terry, at 27, was approached by his now almost 80-year-old grandfather. He suggested Terry take over A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc and make it his own. Lorne Gives was finally able to retire, but sadly, he died not long after, leaving his employees, business connections and personal clients mourning a long-time London businessman.

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“I referred to the staff of my inherited business as the senior citizen’s club. They had all worked together alongside my grandfather for almost 30 years.”

Before marking Terry’s first year as a business owner, the cronies retired, making way for the next generation of movers.

Are you a senior? Terry understands it can be difficult to pack and move your things. That’s why he requested a page on his website to ensure seniors can move peacefully.

They’ll even do the packing and unpacking for you. 

With over 72 years of experience moving heavy items, 34 of those years most recently by Terry and his crews, you can trust them to move your special things. Please request a quote for your move here.


Black and White photo of piano. A Zip Movers


Terry traded in his steel-toed shoes for a cell phone years ago. When I asked him who would take over the business when he someday decides to retire, he answered:

“My family members have found their own careers outside the moving business. I support a great group of employees that enjoy working together. Even though I’m not considering retirement, I hope A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc will be remembered as a fair and hard-working moving company.”

A-Zip is one of the oldest moving companies in London with a fresh take on moving you and your possessions.

 If you choose to relocate to the pleasant city of London, Ontario, be prepared to put a few kilometres on your car if you plan to drive to any other city.

  • London is a land island, favoured initially for its location near the Thames River.  ‘The City by the Thames’ is well known for its affordability and manageable size, both in population and mass.
  • Because of its small-town feel, London is quickly becoming a larger city’s relocation destination.
  • A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc has moved a lot of families to and from London in its 72 years and is also known for its affordable long-distance rates for moves anywhere in Ontario.
  • Heavy items, special pieces, or those awkwardly shaped items deserve the care and patience only experience provides.
  • Call competitively priced A-Zip Moving & Cartage at (519) 659 6672 for any moving needs, and use the best interactive moving checklist here.

The history of Eaton’s Department Store and its ties to St. Marys, Ontario:

The Canadian department store, Eaton’s, was started in Toronto in 1869 by Timothy Eaton. He used the money from selling his dry-goods store in St Marys, Ontario, after he and his family immigrated there from Northern Ireland.

Eaton’s first mail-order catalogue in 1884 brought early retail therapy to isolated rural Canadians and city dwellers. Eaton’s retail stores dotted the Canadian landscape, including a store in London, ON, at Dundas and Wellington (Wellington Square) on August 11, 1960.


An acknowledgement to the Indigenous peoples of London and the area:

Like all of Canada, before its purchase and takeover by the British Crown, London was the territory and home to indigenous people, particularly the Anishinaabeg, the Lenape, the Attawandaron, the Wendat and the Haudenosaunee.

The original village of Kotequongong near the Thames River was eventually taken over by the Indigenous peoples in the area. In 1826 London, the renamed area, became a district for European settlement. London itself was incorporated as a village in 1840.

Interestingly, today’s movers can acknowledge their history of transferring possessions from one place to another, to the nomadic lifestyle of Canada’s earliest inhabitants thousands of years ago. Terry explains, ‘”I would like to acknowledge the complicated history of London’s beginnings.”



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