Is London Ontario a Nice Place to Live?

Are you thinking about moving to London, ON? Is London, Ontario, a nice place to live? As affordable movers in London, Ontario, we’ve moved many people to our friendly, mid-sized city.

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Is London, Ontario, a nice place to live? Follow A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc’s checklist to see if you agree with why we love London, Ontario. 

✔ What is London, Ontario, known for?

  • London, Ontario’s heavily forested site of the late 1700s, is behind its Forest City title. London’s forestry teams replant thousands of trees every year, advancing London with its determined quest to earn its bygone designation. 
  • London, Ontario, is famously known for its Labatt Memorial Baseball Park (originally Tecumseh Park until 1936), the world’s oldest baseball diamond. Opened in 1877, it remains one of Canada’s most sentimental ballparks located downtown close to the forks of the Thames River. 
  • The beloved Budweiser Gardens, the largest hockey arena in Western Ontario, was built in 2002. Located in downtown London, near the river, it is the home arena of the extremely popular London Knights. 
  • London, Ontario, is home to the world-class Western University, making London a good place for students and international students who benefit from its affordability while receiving a world-ranked university education. From the stringent rankings of the Centre for World University Rankings, Western University ranks #183 in the world (out of 2,000) and #7 in Canada (out of 42.) Fanshawe College has been part of London since 1967. 


✔ Is London, Ontario, a nice place to live? Are people in London, Ontario, friendly?

  • London, Ontario, is as friendly as other Ontario cities and towns. London is fortunate to have a small-town feel, so you can join any social group, whether community garden groups, Nature London, or artist groups.
  • Volunteering at one of London’s three hospitals, Ladies and Men’s groups, euchre groups, and Geeks of London group is a great way to feel good about the connections you make.
  • Young Professionals, a hiking group, or the Forest City Book Club, you’ll get to know your fellow group-ees well.

There are many opportunities for you to share your language and culture in London, start a group, or find an event. Connect to, and join any London Social Club or Group here, on Meetup’s website.

Western University’s medical faculty leads the way with their LGBTQ+ mentoring program started in 2017. It pairs medical students with staff physicians who identify as gender and sexual minorities providing personal and professional mentorship within Medicine. That’s a very caring thing to do.

What’s the crime rate in London? 

We wish we could say there are no crimes committed in London, Ontario, but of course, like small towns and cities everywhere, we have societal concerns. London’s offences seem less than Toronto’s and are similar to other towns in Southwestern Ontario. 


✔ Is London, Ontario, a nice place to live?

London, Ontario, is known for its pleasant and modest lifestyle, which seems to suit an overabundance of newcomers, according to a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) news article from February of 2022. The most recent data shows London is Canada’s 4th fastest-growing city. It is quickly becoming home to many international families and people all over Ontario.


✔ What is the best area to live in London, Ontario?

London, Ontario, has many exciting neighbourhoods that attract varied residents: Downtown London, Wortley Village, Blackfriars, Lambeth, Byron, Old North, Masonville, Old East Village, Old South, Pond Mills, and Whiteoaks. Read more details below or more about London, Ontario’s 77 neighbourhoods, on the detailed London’s NeighbourGood site.


  • Downtown: 
  • London revamped its system of main downtown streets in 2021, giving it a fresh and cool vibe to match its hip new downtown condos and affordable housing, London’s stellar shops and restaurants, and iconic landmarks: Museum London, Covent Garden Market, Downtown London Public Library, London Music Hall, The Grand Theatre, and The London Convention Centre. London’s downtown population has increased 12% since 2016 the last census was taken. 
  • Wortley Village:
  • This historical village is a 10-minute walk from London’s downtown. It is known for its eclectic feel, which draws those residents looking for an artistic, diverse, and historical village feel. 
  • Lambeth:
  • Originally the town of Westminister, Lambeth became a neighbourhood of London in 1993. Located in the West of London, it appeals to people looking for a single-family home a large yard, and a country feel.
  • Byron:
  • Located in Southwest London, Byron has an upscale feel and many treed parks and river walkways.
  • Old North:
  • Parks, beautiful large mansions, mature trees, and a winding Thames River are part of Old North. Western University, two beautiful hospitals, and numerous historical school districts are part of it.
  • Old East Village:
  • Designated as a heritage neighbourhood in 2006, Old East Village boasts a mix of young and active families. It is just blocks from the Western Fair District and the multifaceted, extremely popular Farmers Market.
  • Old South:
  • Old South is one of London’s original neighbourhoods, with large and medium-sized brick homes on small to large yards with mature trees. It is a great mix of rentals and single-family homes. Wortley Village is part of Old South.


✔ Is London a fun city?

Maybe because of its just-far-enough distance from other major cities, London, Ontario, has become an expert at organizing its own fun. London uses Victoria Park, its largest downtown park, and other equally relaxing parks to host a different festival almost every summer weekend. We have The Grand Theatre, London Symphonia, three Community Performing Arts Theatres, Tree Top Walks, skiing and Tubing at Boler Mountain, our water park/golf course at EastPark, the Western Fall Fair, and so much more.

Go to the London Tourism website to find the best information for activities for kids, restaurant locations, evenings out, daytime fun, sporting events, and places to stay. 



✔ Is London colder than Toronto?

London is slightly colder than Toronto by about a degree during the winter. It receives more snow than Toronto because of its location southeast of Lake Huron. Cold winds turn most winter precipitation into snow. Snow tires are typical for London driving. 

In contrast, Toronto lies on the north shore of Lake Ontario, receiving the benefits of its temperate lake effects. Summertime heat in London mirrors the warmth and humidity of a Toronto summer. 



✔ Is London, Ontario, a good place to work?

London, Ontario, is a good workplace; tech, computer programming, and graphic design jobs are popular and a broad mix of usual employment opportunities. 

Wherever you live, many salaried positions beyond those of a standardized minimum wage reflect the living expenses of the city where you reside. You may be paid a higher hourly wage for the same position in Toronto; however, you can take advantage of London’s lower cost of living. Of course, there are many more job opportunities in Toronto. However, London’s commute is a fraction of the time, and you’ll always find a parking spot close to a building.



✔ Do you need a car to live in London, Ontario?

With the boom of new incomers to London, the planned rapid transit Downtown Loop and the Adelaide Street Underpass providing improved transit, bike, pedestrian, and traffic access can’t come soon enough. 

The need for a car to live in London will soon be even less. Two exciting transit projects are underway in the summer of 2022. Enhanced transit will increase ridership, making London transit more cost-effective for the city and riders, helping London to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions



✔ Who are the best movers for moving from Toronto to London, Ontario?

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