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How to Survive Moving Day; Three Moving Tips to Follow. Plus, The Most Realistic Checklist you’ll ever find.

Do you know the secret to moving with your sanity intact? Plan, rid and pack ASAP. How do you prepare for your moving day? Organize as early as possible so you’ll be ok with the things you cannot control. (And there will be things you cannot control). Book a Mover in London Ontario near you, early.

Moving is one of the biggest tasks you will undertake. The sooner you start any part of it, the more accomplished you will feel, and the easier it is for everyone. We talk about the psychology of change and moves in our blog post 6 Great Things about Moving to a New Place.



Plan early: the crucial tip for procrastinators.

Isn’t the idea to just make it all fit into the moving truck? No, there is so much opportunity here to prove to your partner that you really can downsize.

At least 2 months before your move, start planning. Really.

  • First, decide on the things that won’t go with you. More on this in the next point.
  • Visualize how many boxes you will use in each room, so each moving company has a realistic number for their quote.
  • Interview three moving companies early and ask them to come for a visual assessment. Depending on the time of the year, you may have to finalize a booking 5 weeks prior.
  • At A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc, we have been moving people and their things for over 72 years. Call us to visit your home (519) 659 6672 or ask us for a Quote.
  • Start a list of the addressed mail that comes to you and keep it on the fridge as a reminder.
  • Contact your insurance companies to transfer your policy.
  • Change your vehicle licence address and avoid the hefty fine. Change your car insurance address too.


We all accumulate things with the understanding that we will think about their servitude in our lives later. That time has arrived.

It is best if you can decide to let go of some things early in the moving process. There is never as much room in a vehicle as you think there will be, and you do not want to have to make choices in the driveway.




Just get rid of it: your new home will thank you.

Pick a corner in every room and tell everyone (or the cat) that is the sorting corner. Every item will be fair game with only lengthy written essays allowed as arguments for keeping something.

The larger the object, the more you should consider letting it go. It is not a family heirloom if it has no monetary value or has no value as a design piece. Your heirs will not want it.

If you have several important family objects with much emotional value, invite everyone to write on pieces of paper the pieces they want most, numbering them from highest to lowest, then take turns going around the group.

  • Rent a dumpster.
  • Sell it online on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace: this takes time, so start early.
  • Donate furniture, hardware, tools, building materials and sealed paint to Habitat for Humanity: a not-for-profit housing organization that puts 100% of its store revenue toward administrative costs of Habitat Heartland Ontario.
  • Donate tools and building materials to KMS Tools and Equipment (11 locations) partners with international aid organizations with its Tools for the World
  • Take non-working appliances, sealed paint, old AC units to the city dump where it is correctly disposed of or recycled. In London, check here for an EnviroDepot near you.
  • Take any unused medications to any drugstore; they are happy to dispose of these for you. Never flush medications into our water system via the toilet where they wreak havoc with fish and animals, and us.

Accept that you may regret getting rid of certain things, but in five years, you will realize it does not mean much. The truth is that we can live without all of it. So keep only the things to which you are emotionally attached.




Pack something every day: start as soon as possible.

Stay organized. Pack something, anything, as early in the process as possible.

When it comes to things we enjoy doing, no one has to remind us. However, when packing our life into boxes, a wee bit of self-deception is allowed to make sure we get it all done. Tell yourself that you ‘will pack that shelf of items while supper is cooking.’ You can call it gaslight-packing.

Use white duct tape plus a bright duct tape and a thick black marker:

  • Name the room where it will go.
  • Name two or three things in the box.
  • Organize the contents in the boxes if you can (toiletries, tools, photos and photo albums, etcetera).
  • Use the bright duct tape for breakable things. Just put a couple of small pieces on a few walls of the box.

If you can believe that you can pack a small area of a room during an amount of time; ‘I’ll pack Junior’s winter things before he goes to bed’, it easily becomes a larger commitment because you are already in a packing mode. A little self-deception every day helps you get into the daily packing habit.


A-Zip can do the packing for you.

Allow us at least three weeks’ notice, and call us at (519) 659 6672.

Go to the page for our Realistic-Timing Moving Checklist here.

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