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How to Choose The Right Moving Company in London, ON

The number-one mover concern is whether our precious things will be treated with care and respect, arriving at their new home unbruised and unscratched. How do we know those expectations are the moving company’s goals too? How do you pick the right mover when there are so many to choose from?


Are you getting ready for a move? Whether a personal move, a senior’s move, cartage, or an office, the planning of moving is big, but knowing you’ve chosen the right mover can make things easier for you. Asking someone who has recently moved will help you decide, but what if you don’t happen to know anyone who’s moved lately? 


How do you find the best local movers in London, Ontario, near you? 

Look online, pick 2 or 3 companies and then call and speak to them. Look for:


  • A mover with consistent long-time staff members:

For some companies, moving staff come and go, often because of moving mistakes made from a lack of proper training, after which they are also moved on. A Zip Moving & Cartage has long-time teams of movers who have worked together for years. You can see appreciative customer reviews for the same team members here on A Zip’s online reviews.



  • Easy-going, flexible, and hardworking movers

It is so nice when moving day is also kinda fun. Whether you call on a group of strong friends or hire a team of strong movers, you do not want to be with a group of eye-rollers when you blurt out, “Be careful with my exercise stepper!”  By choosing A Zip, you’ll work with a happy crew of movers who have heard it all, who get that moving day sometimes makes people worry a lot about everything. In fact, you’ll likely hear one of them kindly assure you your exercise stepper, although suspiciously dusty, is in good hands.



  • A moving company that knows what matters to you and to their employees:

A reliable and trustworthy moving company will ensure their crews and customers are happy. A smaller company that has been around and owned by the same people for a long time should assure you. 

If you find a young company, look for other ways that attempt to make you feel comfortable; do they advertise that they have WSIB insurance for their workers, are they a member of the Better Business Bureau, or have full insurance in case of an accident? 

Terry knows how crucial trust is to you, which is why you’ll see all of those attributes on the first page of the A Zip Movers & Cartage website. A Zip is a family-owned, small moving company first started in 1949 by Terry’s grandfather. 

Want to know more about them? Read, A History of One of The Oldest Moving Companies in London.



  • Good online reviews and heart-felt testimonials:

It’s no surprise that we’ve come to rely on reviews; we are a culture of storytellers and tend to trust an online review that seems genuine. See A Zip’s online reviews.



  • A company representative that asks specifics about your items.

Take a quick inventory of how many boxes you’ll be moving and the oversized items that will be moved. It will be easier for comparison purposes. If you’ve ever considered the pros & cons of moving your things on your own or using a moving company, read, The Cost to Move By Yourself Versus a Moving Company.


Contact A Zip online or call Terry anytime at (519) 659 6672 with questions about your move. 

Are you wondering whether your move may be classified as local, even if it’s 100 km away? With A Zip, it is. See their local-move map here.

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