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How Do We Tell The Kids We’re Moving? It Depends on The Child’s Personality Type 

How you tell your child about an upcoming move depends on which of the four personality types your child is. Many children are okay with a move as long as they can go through it in a way that suits their nature. You’ll recognize your child from the following list and maybe even get some help with your move.

Different approaches to your upcoming move may ease the change that’s about to happen in your child’s life. 


There are no good or bad personality types; however, the grouping of personality types offers an understanding of how to communicate with each child who, as you know already, is very different from one another. 


This article explores how awareness of how your child comprehends information will make it easier for all of you. (And determinations about what they may become as an adult.)



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There are several documented personality styles and variations within those types. Here are the four basic personality types:

  1. The achieving, competitive, independent, and adventurous child.
  2. The calm, peacemaking, reliable, and observational child.
  3. The determined, sensitive, accurate, and intelligent child.
  4. The social, self-involved, light-hearted, and charismatic child.


1. The achieving, competitive, independent, and adventurous child.

Your child loves to feel part of things and is enthusiastic about all of them. Put this child in charge of relegating things they and other family members no longer need or wish to keep to a corner of each room. You can easily focus on the fun parts of a move and the new adventures the move will offer. This personality type is a multi-tasker, so help them make cards they can give to their friends to stay in touch. 

What will they grow up to become? CEO, business owner, president, sales head, or military.



2. The calm, peacemaking, caring, reliable, and observational child.

This personality type is eager to please but does not embrace change. Part of their low-key personality comes from the comfort that things in their sphere remain the same so make sure you let them know that you understand that this feels uncomfortable for them. When you arrive at your new home, unpack and organize this child’s room first to help them settle in with their special things as soon as possible.

What will they grow up to become? Administrator, teacher, social worker, HR manager, librarian, or mechanic.



3. The determined, sensitive, accurate, and intelligent child.

Your determined and sensitive child is a thinker and, as such, needs all of the details beforehand in order to understand how best to deal with the situation in their own way. They may start out asking a lot of questions about the move and will embrace the organization of packing. If they’re older, they may love a chart (you should ask them exactly how they’d like to do it) to help with the details of the move.

What will they grow up to become? Accountant, artist, pilot, doctor, engineer, trouble-shooter, critic, or musician.



4. The social, self-involved, light-hearted, and charismatic child.

Your little helper loves a compliment after a well-done job, so they may view this move as an opportunity to show you how well they can persuade other family members to keep up with packing. They are good at reading other people’s feelings, so suggest that this child help decide which items should stay or go. (Interestingly, this personality type is often inhabited by the best-dressed child in the room.)

What will they grow up to become? A politician, public relations, entertainment field, customer relations, or party planner.


Our personalities mature as we do; assisting our children, in their own way, to get through a move helps to carry them confidently into the future. 


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