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How Do You Downsize When You Don’t Want to?

The dictionary explains the word downsizing is a transitive verb (ironic) that means to reduce something in size. It was created in 1975 in the auto industry and referred to the newer smaller vehicles being built, coined supposedly in a GM Auto plant. And, if you’re moving, you’ve likely used the word yourself. 


It would be during the late 1980s when companies began shedding jobs, that a feeling of stress accompanied its definition. The word downsize is synonymous with tough choices.

Downsizing is having a renaissance: all our thinking thrice about our plethora of belongings, scratching at heartstrings to choose things that will follow us to a different or smaller place. Everyone is downsizing, and it can be a good thing. Read our article, ’6 Great Things About Moving to a New Place.


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The trajectory of downsizing is almost always the same: 

With many of us living second, third, and fourth versions of our lives, corresponding downsizings become more challenging. But a funny thing happens after our second downsizing move, and we start to get good at it, realizing there is a cost to storing and moving and caring for all of these belongings. 

We all have a brother, sister, mother, or ourselves, who was blindsided by downsizing. And the reason for the downsizing is as equally emotional as the loss of things, making for one big blur of boxes and goodbyes. Download our thorough and helpful moving checklist, hint, start early.


Stage One, ‘The big purge’: 

Usually, the first stage feels good, finally looking into the recesses and ridding our lives of the things we shall not want. The first stage is so complex that many of us will not even recall the heaviness of the purge process, only that it is defined by choices of stay or go


Stage Two, ‘The someday pile’: 

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How do you downsize when you don’t want to get rid of your perfectly good things, the someday pile? 

This is the most complicated stage of downsizing, so it may help to keep these mantras in mind. Read more details below: 

  • Accept your purchasing mistakes and release them from their neverending purgatory in your home.
  • Change your outlook about how many possessions you need. 
  • Get rid of, and use fewer products. 
  • Realize the trouble with collections is the collecting part. 
  • And finally, assume your kids or (fill in the name) of your unsuspecting recipient, probably has an entirely different design aesthetic from you. 


Accepting your purchasing mistake. We all make major purchases that we regret. Forgive yourself, and sell it (FYI, to get rid of something, you’ll have to sell it for 20% of the dollar amount for which you purchased it.)

Changing your idea about possessions. Having control over how much stuff you don’t need to live with relaxes your mind.

Trying on the idea of using fewer products. Much of what we own exists as in-use stuff but takes up lots of storage space (thanks, Costco). If we used up or finished everything that is currently open, our storage needs would significantly lessen. 

Realizing your kids probably have a completely different design look from you. Do you want to make other people responsible for your things? Read our article, ‘How to Survive Moving Day: 3 Tips to Follow’.

Paring down the items you feel you may someday use again. You may imagine that eventually, your circumstances will be such that you will use these items again. Fair enough, but you must pare down the collections and you will be happier for it.


Stage Three, ‘The big pack’:

Stage three is recognized by an excessive number of boxes with felt-tip markered labels, but labelled information for whose benefit? 

A-Zip loves your labelled boxes. At A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc, we value your felt-tip markered notes. We are all practicing our reading notes while carrying boxes skills, and we’re getting good at it. 

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Stage Four, ‘The storage locker shuffle’: 

Your possessions, especially if you’re moving from a house to an apartment, will call to you in your dreams. This is why they created storage lockers. 

Someone I know paid $100 a month for two years to store new renovation pieces, ladders, and garden tools. When they finally cleared it out and went on a two-month selling spree of all items deemed worthy of purchasing, they considered how else this storage-locker story might have gone. Here’s what they learned:

  • Get the smallest locker size that you can. It will provide much-needed limits to what you will choose to store.
  • Compare the cost of storage (plus moving costs) versus the value of what you’re storing. 
  • Unless it’s for business purposes (and can be written off as an expense), use a storage locker only for a short time. Are the items realistically worth the cost to store them? 
  • When you decide to sell the items, take your belongings out of storage to your new place where they will sit and be a bother to you. This promotes realistic selling prices to empty your new home of them.

Downsizing when you don't want to, A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” 

– Leonardo DaVinci, 1452- 1519, Italy.


It’s true, A-Zip wouldn’t be in business if you hadn’t any possessions to move. However, we are here to make your move as simple as possible, with respect, attention, and anticipation of concerns, which is why we have fantastic reviews. 


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