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Can Movers Help Home Stagers?

Home stagers belong to a satisfying business group of busy people. Efficiency means success, so, many professional movers regularly work with these stagers. Home stagers work hard to help us to imagine a space as our own and movers know how to help them by moving furniture quickly and competently.


Home stagers enjoy a dream career for those who love to be busy and enjoy being part of a multi-layered process that includes partnering with a moving company. 

Read some home stager (or out-of-the-box-thinking, staging realtor) tips.



1. Transport your home staging furniture and products more efficiently 

Find ways to combine services using one company for some of them. Use an established moving company to move your furniture, set it up in the spaces, and store some of your products. 

A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc is a family-owned business since 1949, and we love partnering with like-minded small businesses. Call us below or contact us online for an easy quote.

We have many years of experience, so our staff always present themselves professionally and are super pleasant to work with. For a crew of guys who lift heavy furniture for a living, or maybe because of it, they have a great sense of humour. See our excellent Google reviews.



2. Processes wherever possible help home stagers

It’s easy to get caught up running from one thing to another, and in the beginning, it’s what happens, are there patterns in the activities that need to be done?: 

  • Keep in mind the bits that you don’t enjoy doing that can be assigned to others 
  • Always ask for a great testimonial from a client 
  • Start a simple spreadsheet of all of your client’s contact info, including the year of the staging and any information that would make the client pleased to know you’d remembered 
  • Send “I’m here for you” notes yearly to these essential contacts
  • Free yourself from administration to do the more creative aspects. When you love what you do, you stick with it
  • Lower your operating costs and find the moving partners and storage helpers that will make a positive difference
  • Find the best way to market your business and the people that need your services.



3. Be clever with what you have

Consider renting furniture. Yes, purchasing smaller things may save you money and travel time if purchasable at a great price. 



4. Use a phone call for your initial consultation

Spend 15-20 minutes on the phone first to propose your in-person consultation for a fee.

An initial phone call lets the potential client tell you their requirements, needs, and wants. It lets you establish how you will come up with a solution for their proposed dilemma, how you understand the subtleties of the amount of furniture needed, and how a well-heeled house often sells quicker and for a higher dollar figure. 



5. Value yourself and pleasantly establish reasonable boundaries

Be polite to the person with a late-night, last-minute request for an early morning client meeting. Yes, it is fabulous of you to accommodate clients in a crunch. However, make sure that isn’t the norm for your sake. You’ll grow to resent the lack of boundaries you’ve set. 

Setting up how you work beforehand with clients establishes systems and makes you happier. You’re undermining your value if you constantly give in to clients who want to purchase your staging accessory pieces instead of paying your rental fees. (unless you’re factoring in a reasonable mark-up)

Figure out all potential client concerns and develop a great written script. Ask your friends for their opinions on your boundaries and consider their advice. Customer service means putting yourself in their shoes; they may not realize their request is unusual.

Always look at who you’re doing business with. You’re as good as the people with whom you surround yourself. 




A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc. loves what we do. Read more about us here, and don’t hesitate to call us at the number below for any and all of your moving (and home staging) needs.

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