Best Office Move TIPS

Best Tips to Prepare for an Easy Office Move

Preparing your staff early is the best way to make an office relocation easier and even more fun to move. Business moves require the knowledge and experience of a professional mover and packer. Here are our best tips to prepare for your move.


Planning and timing are the most crucial challenges for your office or business move:

Early planning is key. Hint; boxes, white duct tape and fat black markers will be your friends. Moving is your opportunity to clean desks, chairs, fridges, equipment and shelving. It’s also a great time to purge those items that have sat in dark corners since forever. Allow a lot of time for the cleaning and minimizing.

Choose a moving company that will pack and unpack your business.

A good commercial mover understands timing. An experienced mover will help to place your furniture where you need it. Please contact us with your list of needs. A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc does it all. Whether you are moving a warehouse, retail store, restaurant or a small or large office, timing is crucial. A day’s sales or business is everything to your success and business movers work weekends and after hours to help you get your move done in a timely way.


Our best tips for your commercial move – preparing your staff for:

Your office move:

  • Ask each staff member to measure their space (their desks and required workspace). If you are downsizing, this will help you determine the layout of your new digs.
  • Tell your staff the general area they will be located in, and give each employee a suitable box and a small roll of duct tape to mark their name, the wall or area it needs to be placed, and if the box is fragile. As an example: North, 1st Floor, James, or West, 2nd Floor, Jasmine.
  • Mark the name and location of the room for non-personal equipment.
  • Use smaller bags to group connectors and cables required for specific computers and label where they belong.


Your retail store move:

  • Moving retail gondolas, signage, and electronics can quickly become a nightmare.
  • Tiny caps, plug ends, even movable numbers must all be organized so you don’t end up with a backroom full of unmarked garbage bags filled with parts whose purpose is no longer known.
  • Depending on the size of your organization, it may be worth asking employees to help.
  • Organizing is key for a retail move, so choose employees whom you know love to systematize things (ask them) and pay them overtime. Besides choosing the best mover, it will be the best return on your money that your company will spend for your retail move.
  • Make sure your breakables are wrapped and clearly labelled; good movers know how to move and stack fragile boxes.
  • Bag any computer cables and clearly label where they belong.


Your restaurant move:

  • Restaurant kitchen equipment is always the first thing relocated. It is the heart of a restaurant and the most critical pillar to your success.
  • Fridges, slicers and ovens should be unplugged, motors cooled, and interiors cleaned before the move.
  • Moving these expensive and heavy pieces of equipment requires the skills of experienced movers; it’s advisable to stick a piece of paper with locations on all items.
  • Being proactive helps you; a moving day will have you pulled in a million directions by everyone.
  • There are many breakables in restaurants. It makes more sense to wash plates, silverware and glassware after unpacking.
  • Bag any computer cables and clearly label where they belong.



Your law office move:

  • Shelving, books, documents and files. Need more be said?
  • Fragile, weighty and valuable, are a few words that come to mind when you think of a law office library.
  • Keeping law books and papers organized and packed properly is a mountainous job; the sooner you can pare down documents, files and books, the better.
  • Engaging everyone in a week of downsizing their books and files will make a world of difference. Plan a wonderful catered meal at the end of the week.
  • Give employees boxes and a small roll of duct tape to mark their name, the wall or area it needs to be placed, and if the box is fragile (it probably is). As an example: North, 1st Floor, Rose, or West, 2nd Floor, Ryan.
  • Bag any computer cables and clearly label where they belong.



Just a few of A-Zips reviews for their excellent work as commercial and office movers:  See our happy ‘business move’ testimonials here.

  •   A-Zip Moving & Cartage were extremely organized and helpful with our office move of September 2011. All the staff at A-Zip worked very hard to make sure our move was stress-free and was done on time. I would definitely recommend A-Zip for your next move. -Kathryn Byfield
  • Terry and his team recently worked with Lerners LLP on a tidy and purge project. The A-Zip team was professional, efficient, organized and well prepared. These guys work hard and deliver top-notch results. We could not be happier with the service they provided. Thanks, guys! – Lerners LLP


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