6 Great Things About Moving to a New Place

Moving our stuff, moving us to a new address, is an event that marks a change for us. There is not one of us who does not feel different after a move. It’s all about finding the best mover in London, Ontario, who cares about your moving day. A-Zip Moving and Cartage is one of the oldest moving companies in London, ON. We have been movers in London, Ontario, for 72 years.

Even if you’re only moving to a new street in London, we know using an experienced and trustworthy mover is important to you.

Moving is the most common event that significantly changes our lives. We cannot help but see it as a marker defining different life stages. Sure, there are outstanding jobs, noteworthy people and pets, but somehow a move is more personal; it’s just about us and all our stuff.

The effort behind a move is enormous; the dismantling, organizing, packing, cleaning, unpacking, and painting. Whew.

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Moving is all about change, the word; according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word means to make radically different, to give a different position, course or direction.

A- Zip Moving and Cartage Inc. has been integral to people’s moves since 1949, and no two moves have been the same. People move for fundamental reasons, and change and growth are always associated.

There are so many great things about moving to a new place;  here are 6 winning reasons:


1) First, a move is a symbol of a start fresh:

We’ve all been here; we live, blunder, learn, change, and mark our changes with…a move. From the moment we think of moving, we just know it is the right thing to do. It gives us everything our new self needs: purging and leaving behind the things that no longer represent who we feel we are.

Is there anything better than cleaning? Refreshing our things, scrubbing the new place, and rearranging it, often in completely new ways we had not considered? It is the best medicine. It is literally the new perspective we want and need and can get.

Do you need help timing all that purging, packing and planning?

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2) Learning to adapt to new things is like lifting weights:

The more we adapt to new things, the stronger we become. Nothing stays the same, and we can talk about our fears, but the best way to dismantle those fears is by just deciding to do that larger thing. Whether starting a new job or engaging in a significant move, it is paramount to do your homework. For example, you need to do your background check on the new employer you are working for or the business that will move you so you can trust that it will go smoothly.

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There are natural feelings of stress surrounding movers. Trusting a mover with your special things requires trust, which is hard for many people. We are sensitive to this, especially for those with expressed concerns. However, 72 years of moving means we have learned that communication is everything. We even over-communicate without apology until we know you feel good about your upcoming move.



3) Moving to a new place is a natural way to build self-confidence:

When helping someone with their first move, it is usually a small one.

As people, we collect objects, furniture, and tools as we require them, and when a person moves out on their own for the first time, without any tools, both the actual hammer-sort and the figurative life-building kind, a move to a new place opens them to the trials and errors of life.

Leave your comfort zone. It is never too late for any of us to build our self-confidence in the face of moving to a new home.

Creating a written list with a realistic number of boxes to be moved and asking for an on-site moving quote will start you on your self-confidence journey. Read our article ‘The Cost to Move Yourself Versus a Moving Company’ here. 



4) All kinds of moves can make us feel better; moving a business can be a profound instigator for change:

All kinds of moves can make us emotionally happier, and moving an office or business is always an initiator for positive change, most of the time reflecting a company’s growth or signalling a downsizing.

Moving a business requires flexibility from the main players to make your employees’ transition as uncomplicated as possible. For example, your business may have to plan its move after work hours or it may need to take place over a number of days.

Anticipate your move before your employees and products run out of room. A business move often takes longer than expected, so don’t underestimate the production downtime or the budget.

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A-Zip Moving and Cartage Inc. move big or small businesses anywhere across Ontario and provide evening and weekend work hours for your convenience. Request an online quote here.


Warehouse boxes

5) There are real health benefits following a move to a new place:

A great move can better our mental and physical health. Whether moving to an area in a more natural setting, a home with a healthier HVAC system and newer windows, moving to reduce your drive time to amenities, or moving to a different neighbourhood for a specialized school for the kids, it is nice to start your move with as positive an experience as possible.

So, you may want to think again when assuming you can make this move on your own; the business of moving means hard physical work. People in the industry have accustomed themselves to lifting heavy boxes and, more importantly, how to carry awkwardly shaped, heavy pieces.

Enlisting the help of family and friends is often hard on your generous family and friends, who may not know how best to move a sizeable hefty sofa. Here’s the scene from the Friends episode where they try to pivot a couch down a flight of stairs, in case you need convincing.


6) Make a change from the size of your current home:

Whether downsizing after the kids leave home so they can’t come back again or move to a place big enough to dance in, if the purpose of the move is space-related, the size of your next home always brings a sigh of relief, anticipation and excitement.

We love our kids (if any of them are reading this), but remember the day we realized we might never be alone in the bathroom again? Fast forward to the giddiness of your soon-to-be downsizing move. See our services under ‘Seniors Moving.’

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Conversely, your reward for all your hard work can be packaged in a home whose square footage is as big as you can imagine. Moving to a drastically different-sized home is about perspective. A larger home can afford you the efficiency of a home office or much-needed room for a growing family, while a down-sized space can mean other kinds of freedom; less upkeep and fewer bills.

In our way, we are in the business of helping people with their changes.

So, call A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc. at (519) 659 6672 if you are ready to move toward your change. 


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