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5 Practical Tips When You Don’t Have Time to Pack 

By now, you know the best to pack was earlier than today. But life happens, and here you are, wondering how you pack with little time and us typing as fast as possible so you can actually pack before the truck comes. Focus on these 5 practical packing tips from your team of happy movers.


When the minutes are not on your side, when you don’t have time to pack, how do you pack a house quickly? Quick planning and purging need to take place. 


Amongst the power-packing that is about to ensue, it is still crucial that someone, you or a friend, obtain as many packing containers as possible and call a moving company for your moving day. Packing your own vehicle can be stressful and expensive, depending on your distance. Some movers take over the job of packing for you. A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc in London, ON, will pack and unpack for you.

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  1. Purge, throw out, and sell.
  2. Acquire all packing supplies.
  3. Pack a whole room at a time, 1/2 – 1 hour per room. Start with the biggest rooms first. No tv or phone allowed.
  4. Use big bags for clothes and soft things.
  5. Keep a box or bag beside you in your vehicle filled with the essentials; keys, chargers, pet food, kid food, and bathroom articles.


Purge, throw out, and sell

If you haven’t the time to edit and sell things prior to packing, choose the garage or a corner of a room as the get rid-of spot. Keep in mind the size of the space to which you’re moving. You’ll be left with only what you and your family love and need.


Acquire all packing supplies: boxes, large and medium plastic bags, much packing paper, a thick black marker, and a roll of white duct tape.

Call grocery stores’ customer service; they’ll tell you if they have some boxes to give away. 

Purchase boxes if necessary; every big store sells flat-packed boxes and lightweight packing paper. Newspapers will also work but are a bit smudgier.

Mark boxes that are FRAGILE. White duct tape and thick black markers are regularly sold at big-box office supply retailers. It takes a few seconds to tear the tape, apply it to box tops and write the room name, saving you hours of opening and reopening boxes and looking for things. 


Pack a whole room at a time. 1/2 – 1 hour per room. No tv or phone allowed. 

Start with the densest and largest room to get it out of the way. Pack with purpose and energy. If moving day is stressfully close, don’t organize boxes; get things in the boxes, slap on duct tape and write the room name.


Use big bags for clothes and soft things.

Bags are great for all the things that don’t fit into boxes. Make sure you have enough bags for the throwaways at the end.


Keep a box or bag beside you in your vehicle filled with the essentials; keys, chargers, pet food, kid food, and bathroom articles.

No matter the distance you’re moving, you’ll feel better knowing you have a container that holds the crucial things you may need.


How long does the average person take to pack? If all your boxes and packing paper are ready and you’ve already edited the room of things you won’t take with you, the packing can take as little as 15 minutes to an hour per room, depending on how full the room is.

If you have started early, here’s a great downloadable moving checklist.


A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc was started as a package delivery company in 1949 by Terry’s grandfather. By 1987, Terry had made the company, A-Zip, his own by offering full-service moving, reliability, and exceptional service.

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