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100km from London LocalMove AZipMovers

How Many Miles is Considered a Local Move? 

A local move is defined as 100 km or a one-hour drive from London, ON, by Terry of A Zip Movers & Cartage, a family-owned moving service since 1949. You pay only immediate area pricing when you move within that...


Family Heirloom Furniture

What Do Movers Cost?

As long as your mover is in the ballpark for cost, a careful mover that handles and protects your family heirlooms and scratchable items is invaluable to you on moving day. Concern for your stuff causes you the most anticipatory...


Unorganized Toys

Tips For Organizing a Move – For The Unorganized

Some of us breeze through life, organized with gold stars to prove it. Others see the need to organize as restraining or find organizing their lifestyle difficult. As trustworthy movers in London, Ontario, we offer you the essential way to...


What's great about London, Ontario

Moving to Beautiful London, Ontario, Checklist

Are you thinking about moving to London, ON? As affordable movers in London, Ontario, we’ve moved tons of people to the friendly city. Follow our checklist, and see if you agree on why we love London, Ontario.    ✔ What...


Staging furniture pieces

Can Movers Help Home Stagers?

Home Staging is a satisfying business on so many levels, and efficiency means success, so, many professional movers regularly work with these stagers.  Home stagers work hard to help us to imagine a space as our own and movers know...


Downsizing before your move. A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc

How Do You Downsize When You Don’t Want to?

The dictionary explains the word downsizing is a transitive verb (ironic) that means to reduce something in size. It was created in 1975 in the auto industry and referred to the newer smaller vehicles being built, coined supposedly in a...


Small business delivery solutions for oversized product delivery. A-Zip Moving & Cartage

Can a Moving Company Deliver Cartage or Oversized Items?

How do you deliver items too large for a parcel service but too few or lightweight for a transport shipper? A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc has provided local and long-distance shipping and delivery services throughout Ontario since 1949, shortly after WW2,...