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office move

How do I plan an office move?

Moving an office is a significant undertaking involving more than transporting items from one location to another. It requires meticulous planning, specialized handling, and minimal business disruption. That’s where professional movers like A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc. come into play....


Transportation Service

How much does a cross Canada move cost?

Moving across the expansive landscapes of Canada is no small feat. A relocation venture of such scale requires meticulous planning, especially regarding budgeting. The costs associated with moving can pile up quickly, leaving you overwhelmed. This article aims to help...


Cartage Service

What is a Cartage Service?

Cartage services often take a central position in the dynamic world of logistics and supply chains. These services play an integral role in ensuring the smooth flow of goods from one point to another, significantly impacting the effectiveness and efficiency...



How Do I Prepare For a Dorm?

  Congratulations! Whether you are attending a college or university in a new country or one close to home, the question, “How do I prepare for a dorm?” is an obvious one. Pack wisely, find out what the dorm includes,...



How Do I Prepare For Movers to Pack My Stuff?

  If you are looking for the answer to the question: “How do I prepare for movers to pack my stuff?” then you’ve realized that you do not have the time to do the packing on your own. Packing services...



What not to take on a long-distance move?

Are the exhilarating whispers of a long-distance move sending shivers of anticipation down your spine? The allure of a new locale awaits, yet the mountain of packing seems daunting, right? No worries! Embrace the adventure, and let’s conquer this challenge...



What is considered a long-distance move?

Saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new is always a mix of emotions. It’s like finishing a great book – a tinge of sadness, a splash of excitement, and a whole lot of anticipation for the next...



Is it Worth it to Pay for Packers?

Moving can be an exciting yet stressful experience. Nowadays, people often pay for packers to decrease their chaos; we cannot always control the timing of our or a family member’s move, so having a moving company pack your belongings may...



How Much Does it Cost to Move to London?

The average cost to move to London from other Ontario cities ranges from $1,000 to $5,500. Your costs can increase depending on the extent of your furniture, whether the move is residential or commercial, the services required, the distance travelled,...



What to do with packing boxes after moving?

Packing boxes; what would we do without them? Moving can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, especially when it comes to packing and unpacking. After moving, one of the most significant challenges is figuring out what to do with the...